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Afternoon skate: Farewell Nick Petersen, Sidney Crosby lockout plans, Rozy, lockout latest

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Rare to here of any roster movement at all, so news the Penguins have put forward Nick Petersen on $125 waivers (meaning they're going to give him an unconditional release when he clears tomorrow). Petersen, a former 4th round pick in 2009, split time between the AHL and ECHL the past two seasons. [Bombulie]

Sidney Crosby was a part of the players who skated at Southpointe today and admitted he'll consider playing in Europe if/when the lockout starts. [Puck Daddy]

Speaking of the dreaded lockout- only 4 more days until the owners take their puck and go home. Good thing there are no meetings scheduled and virtually no hope of this stoppage being avoided. [SB Nation]

Former Penguin Michal Rozsival signed for one-year and $2 million dollars with Chicago. [Second City Hockey]

The gnarliest hockey tattoo you'll see all day. [Backhand Shelf]

Finally - at 8:00 PM Eastern tonight, myself and writers from the Flyers, Islanders, Devils and Rangers blog will be doing a video conference to actually talk hockey (and no CBA stuff). If you can't catch it live, the video is being recorded and will be saved so you can watch it whenever. See how many times I can mention 2009! [SB Nation]