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Penguins 2013 training camp to open today at 3:10 at Southpoine

The CBA between the NHL players and owners has been agreed upon and signed, and it's six days away from the start of the 2012-13 (or just 2013?) season so it's time to get on the ice already. The Penguins will waste no time and get at it this afternoon at their practice facility at Southpointe. From the team:

The Pittsburgh Penguins will open training camp on Sunday afternoon with a 3:10 p.m. practice that will be open to the public at the team’s Southpointe practice facility. A full training camp schedule and roster will be released on Sunday.

Why Southpointe and not their home at the Consol Energy Center?

Because Big Bird, Elmo and company with Sesame Street are in town for a show today. First scheduling conflict on the first day possible, what a way to begin the season.

The team hasn't announced a training camp roster yet, but see below in this story stream to see the comprehensive list of players that will be in the lightning quick camp.