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Beau Bennett on Evgeni Malkin and James Neal line

From various twitter reports here are the lines in today’s practice for the Pittsburgh Penguins:

Chris KunitzSidney CrosbyPascal Dupuis
Beau BennettEvgeni MalkinJames Neal
Matt CookeBrandon SutterTyler Kennedy
Tanner GlassJoe VitaleCraig Adams
Eric TangradiJayson MegnaDustin Jeffrey
**Notice anything there? Bennett and Tangradi have flip-flopped with the rest of the lines remaining exactly the same. The top line is a mortal lock (assuming health) and it’s a pretty good bet the 3rd and 4th lines are locked in too- unless Bylsma gets cute and tries to move TK up to the 2nd line, opening a 3rd line spot for Tangradi and a trip back to the minors for Bennett.

**What a chance for Beau Bennett. On a line with the league MVP and a sniper who netter 40 last year. Not bad for a kid who just turned 21 a few months ago. Huge, huge chance for Bennett to show if he’s ready.

**Really liking the look of the bottom two lines. A lot of nasty on there, especially that 4th line which should be a perfect energy/physical line.

**Poor Dustin Jeffrey. Yesterday Tangradi got the chance with Malkin/Neal. Today the prospect that most think (and hope) will eventually be a top player gets his shot. What does old Dustin Jeffrey have to do? Maybe it’s the plan of the team to give the rotation in this order, and training camp is very short, but it would be a shame if Jeffrey never gets a shot to stick on a regular line. He’s not going to win any major end of season awards, but he seems to have enough skill and size to make the lineup.