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3 Questions with Blueshirt Banter

Our partners at Blueshirt Banter, the Rangers blog on SB Nation, were nice enough to answer some questions about the Rangers. Give them a look for their perspective on the game tonight.

#1 - Since the first meeting with the Penguins, the Rangers have gone 3-1-0, what’s been the key to the turnaround?
I think the turnaround has been from a number of things. The Rangers are a team that needs a training camp, especially since they changed their identity over the summer from a gritty keep grinding style to a more high-end style. Rangers fans like to panic sometimes. The team got off to a slow start, you can make the argument (and I would make the argument) that the team still hasn't hit their potential. But in a shortened season like this it's a "make the playoffs" mentality. The Rangers should be in the top-eight easily.

#2 – Now that you’ve gotten to see more of Rick Nash in action, what’s your take on his play? Meeting expectations? I noticed his only goal came against the Penguins, but he is at a point per game so far in the young season.

I am shocked at how Rick Nash didn't get more press in Columbus. He is a truly complete hockey player. He's fantastic in all three zones, and every time he touches the puck something good happens. He hasn't scored much (one goal on 26 shots) but that will change. I have been really, really impressed with him thus far. I can't say enough good things about him.

#3 – The NYR power play is just 3 for 24 so far this season, what’s been the main culprit so far and how do you seem them turning it around?

Ahh the power play. honestly, I don't know. I think they just need to keep working. In the Rangers' past two wins the power play has looked much better, even though it only connected once. I think the players are still trying to figure each other out as well. If I had to make one change? I would put Nash in front of the net instead of Callahan. Nash has ridiculous hands and is a big body to screen the goalie. Maybe with Callahan out the Rangers can use Nash in that role.