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Things we forgot

Now that the NHL lockout is ending, a refresher of things that went down that have been lost in the waves that hockey fans may have forgotten.

Jamie Sabau
The war is over, Christmas is here for hockey fans who are no longer locked out from watching (and paying billions a year) to support the players and owners of the NHL.

Remember all these things that have happened that are suddenly relevant:

--Rick Nash is a New York Ranger. That is going to be a big deal for the Pittsburgh Penguins because the shortened season is going to be very heavy on divisional games, so we're about to see a lot of Nash in New York.

--The Phildaelphia Flyers traded James van Riemsdyk to Toronto for Luke Schenn. Remember when this happened? That was great.

--Jordan Staal is a Carolina Hurricane. So is Alex Semin.

--Tomas Vokoun is a Pittsburgh Penguin.

--Jaromir Jagr will be in Texas playing for the Dallas Stars. Seriously.

--Steve Sullivan and Zbynek Michalek are in Phoenix. Pittsburgh doesn't have obvious replacements for these two players that played such important roles last season.

--Arron Asham is a New York Ranger and has played for every team in the Atlantic Division.

--The Capitals traded for Mike Ribeiro, finally giving them a good option as a second line center.

--Notorious Penguin killer Sergei Bobrovsky was traded from Philadelphia to Columbus for draft picks.

Really it's just nice to talk about hockey again. Thanks for sticking with us and even though it took too long for these guys to figure it all out, it's finally time to drop the puck here soon and get back to watching and debating about hockey!