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Pens Points Monday: Sid vs. Nate Round 1

Our links today feature a marquee game tonight when the 7-1 Penguins host the 7-1 Colorado Avalanche. Both teams are led by #1 overall picks from the same town in Nova Scotia, as you might hear a time or two tonight.

Justin K. Aller

Penguins vs. Avalanche cornucopia of previews:

  • A preview from the Pens official site []
  • Colorado is off to a fast start too. [Post-Gazette - Molinari]
  • Tonight's two main stars of the game are from the same town of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. I'm sure this story angle won't go under-reported. [Tribune-Review - Yohe]
  • Be sure to check out our SBN partner Mile High Hockey for their previews and coverage. [Mile High Hockey]
  • The Avs broadcast team omits the Penguins from the league altogether. [The Pensblog]

Sidney Crosby can't keep on this scoring pace forever, can he? [Tribune-Review - Yohe]

Kris Letang is getting closer to making his season debut, but no firm date is known just yet. [PG]

Breaking down Deryk Engelland's fight from Saturday. [Pens Initiative]

Dirty hits are a problem in the NHL, but stopping them presents more challenges. [Puck Daddy - Wyshynski]

Explaining what shooters are attempting to do on shootouts. [Backhand Shelf - Bourne]

Goalie goal! Congrats to Mike Smith who now has more goals than Claude Giroux on the season. [Puck Daddy]