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Pens Points Wednesday: Kunitz's Life on the Crosby Express

Chris Kunitz talks Olympics and life as Sid's linemate. Looking at the Pens beyond the top two lines, and not much going. Flames expected to keep hot rookie Sean Monahan. Guess who's the only player in the NHL still on track for 82 goals. Take a look at the kind and gentle John Tortorella.

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Good morning everyone,

Seems that this year Pens nation is much more in tune with the 9-game mark of the season than in years past, due to Olli Maatta and will he stay or will he go. As per Dave Molinari late last night, no decision has been made yet.

The Caps were first to announce their rookie Tom Wilson will stay. Next up, the Flames have suited up Sean Monahan for his 9th game last night in Phoenix, and all expectations are that he, too, will be staying with the big boys. No surprise there, as he clearly intends to challenge for the Calder Trophy.

Five questions with Chris Kunitz. What's life like these days for a Crosby linemate?

Seems that, in the hoopla surrounding Olli, we've all forgotten about Jeff Zatkoff's existence. Fleury's good play to open the season has sort of made that question disappear from the front pages. But when will we see Zatkoff in the crease again rather than opening and closing the little door?

One team that was typically spared any goaltending questions or controversies were the New York Rangers. This year, however, the numbers aren't pretty. Henrik Lundqvist is sporting a 2-4 record, .890 SV% and a 3.45 GAA. Many opinions are that the new shorter pads are affecting his performance more than other goalies'. He will be a free agent after the season, and the Rangers are doing very, very poorly so far. What gives?

Adam Gretz from the Hockey Prospectus takes a closer look at the Pens bottom 6. What we have cobbled together so far is a really mixed bag. Good read.


Teemu Selanne’s hot streak or why we should trust our elders. Phil Kessel netted a hat trick last night. Watch him beat Jonas Hiller with this rocket of a shot. Don't look now, but the only person in the league still on pace for 82 goals in the regular season is Alex Ovechkin. 9 games, 9 goals. Not bad for a guy who was written off as a has-been six months ago. Though I have to say, dear Caps fans shown after the goal, please don't show off with your jerseys like that, it's really annoying. If one of my kids ever did that with their Sid or Geno sweaters at a Pens road game, I'd smack them over the head.

If you watched the NHL draft this summer, you must have wondered how and why certain decisions were made. I mostly wondered how and why any of the three teams picking before the Preds decided to pass up on Seth Jones. Here is the story of how Nashville landed their stud defenseman.

John Tortorella's reputation is that of a good hockey coach and a curmudgeon for the ages. Here is Torts like you've rarely seen him before, with little friends from Long Island following the Canucks OT win against the Isles. The guy is glowing and you won't see that very often.

My daughter put a Stanley Cup and a Zamboni on her Santa wish list. I think this will take care of the Stanley Cup part. This is awesome!