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Tanner Glass Goal Dot GIF

Tanner Glass scores a highlight reel goal, only his second as a Pittsburgh Penguin and we have the GIF to prove it.

Vincent Pugliese

A lot has been made of the poor regular season Tanner Glass had in 2013. After the lockout, and without a training camp to get adjusted to a new system, new teammates, coach and team, Glass struggled mightily. Out of 277 forwards that played at least 400 minutes in the NHL last season, Glass was dead last in points/60 at 5 on 5 play with just 1 assist in 417 minutes of action. Ouch.

This year Glass has been better so far, highlighted by a highlight reel goal against the Carolina Hurricanes. Aided by Jay Harrison allowing him basically three attempts at it, Glass collected his own rebounded and packaged a beautiful Crosby-esque backhander that perfectly hit the top shelf, a play that goalie Cam Ward never had a chance once he allowed the rebound to get away.


What's your thoughts on Glass? It's only been three games, but with two points, he's already equaled his total for the whole 48 games he played last season. He might never truly be worth the $1.1 million on a $64.3 million salary cap, but if he keeps working, hitting, fighting, and yes, scoring, it'll make this season a lot more palatable before his contract ends.