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Pens Points Saturday: Pens at Devils

Latta's first goal was jawesome. Avs and Blues don't like one another. Pens at Devils - can Geno keep his streak alive and add some goals to it?

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We will remember Caps' rookie Michael Latta's first NHL goal because he had the most amazed/freaked out/incredulous face ever. [Monumental Network]

Interview with Vaughn CHL goalie of the week, Edmonton Oil Kings' goalie and Pens' 2013 2nd-round pick Tristan Jarry. [In Goal Magazine]

Coyotes' stable blue line is paying huge dividends this year. [Sun Belt Hockey]

Ken Dryden's essay from Hall of Fame induction week is a great reed. [Globe & Mail]

Avs and Blues is shaping up to be a nice rivalry. All you need is hate. [The Hockey News]

The Pens snapped their 3-game losing streak by beating the Preds 4-1 last night at the Consol. A much better defensive effort, and guess what, works every time. [The PensNation]

The Pens are visiting the Devils tonight. They canceled their morning skate. Here's the official game preview. []

Another game day preview, with everything to watch out for. [Pens Initiative]

The whole motley crew is going to Newark tonight, hoping for my kids' first W of the year. Let's keep the good defense going. Geno has an 8-game assist streak. The picture used in this article is from the February game we all drove to the morning after the blizzard, that cost us the front and back windshield on top of the 3-1 loss. How 'bout some goals on old Marty, eh guys? Let's go Pens!