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Pens Points Saturday: Amazing Save, One-Sided Goalie Fight

Hockey and toughness go hand in hand. What happened last night in the Caps-Flyers game was neither. Watch Kari Lehtonen's incredible save. Sedin twins get twin extensions. It's Movember.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Several hockey games were on tap last night, but the one with the most lopsided score got the most attention for all the wrong reasons. Kari Lehtonen's incredible save or Marc-Andre Fleury's terrific game and 10th win should have been the things we're talking about today.

Much will be written and said about the Caps-Flyers game. You all saw what happened so there's no need to dwell on it. You can get it all here. I do want to call out one person, though. Referee Francois St. Laurent should be ashamed of himself for allowing an unwilling player to be beaten by a sour loser (also third star of the night in a cruel joke) right in front of him. If that had happened on the street, Emery would have been arrested and charged with assault. He should be suspended, but St. Laurent deserves harsh discipline for not acting to stop it. There is a difference between a hockey fight and senseless and pointless violence. If an organization won't change its players' conduct, the league could move to punish clubs financially, take roster spots while suspended players are out, and potentially also take draft picks away. Coupled with their horrid play, the Sabres were also notable for too many incidents going back to the preseason and were on the receiving end of a coach's fine and several player suspensions. Might they be getting the message? As his 10-game suspension expires, they placed Patrick Kaleta on waivers.

Movember is on, and some hairy guys are losing it for good causes. The Sharks' Brent Burns allowed three buddies to go to town on his locks and beard, raising $23K for two worthy charities. You also won't recognize this guy either. George Parros without the 'stache, indeed, looks weird.

Henrik and Daniel Sedin (who I still can't tell apart without looking at numbers) received twin 4-year contract extensions worth $28 million apiece. a good deal all around.

Four times this year a team allowed more than 50 shots in a game, and three of those instances belong to the Ottawa Senators, who despite some offseason upgrades are defensively no longer a solid team. Robin Lehner put in a yeoman's effort last night to no avail.

The Pens are in Columbus today for part two of a home-and-home with the Blue Jackets. They called off their morning skate. No word on the status of Tanner Glass, who laid a big hit on Jack Johnson last night but looked a bit worse for the wear. Let's hope he's good to go, given that he's playing good hockey this year, leading the league in hits and leading all NHL forwards in blocked shots in addition to 5 points.

Dave Molinari has a good story on former Pens forward Mark Letestu, who looks to be flourishing in Columbus in an increased role, and good for him.

Let's keep the good play going tonight. Jeff Zatkoff could use some help, guys. Let's work hard in front of him. Let's go Pens.