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Pens Points Wednesday: Showdown in DC

A look around the Pittsburgh Penguins for the 4th straight rivalry Wednesday

Justin K. Aller

Big game tonight and there are always fireworks when the Penguins and Capitals meet up. The teams don't like each other, the players don't like each other, and they both play fast, offensive-minded, hard-hitting games. Should be a doozy. Be sure to check out our friends at Japers Rink for coverage from the Caps perspective.

Stars collide as the Pens face yet another foe on the 32408324th straight edition of Rivarly Night. []

A new twist on the old Pens/Caps, Sid/Alex rivalry. [Post-Gazette]

Crosby and Alex Ovechkin add fuel to the rivalry. [Beaver County Times - Metzer]

Ovechkin back to form makes the rivalry better. [Tribune Review]

Looking back on a stellar Pens/Caps moment from October 2011. [The Pensblog]

The Caps Brooks Laich is as tired of Sid vs. Ovie as you are. [DC Sports Bog]

A new all-access show about Sidney Crosby is coming soon enough. [PG]

Awesome piece about Evgeni Malkin, who knows that things aren't going great for him even though he's playing well. As a former 50-goal scorer with so much talent, if he keeps shooting they will go in sooner or later, the key is just going to be continued coaching and teammate support to emphasize that until the rewards come. [Trib - Kovacevic]

A super-stats look at the Penguins, a nice dive into what some advanced metrics say about which players are playing poorly and who's playing strongly, which always makes for some nice food for thought. [Faceoff Factor]

Movember mustache quiz. [Puck Daddy]