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Pens Points Tuesday: Boston Aftermath

Links around the Pittsburgh Penguins and NHL for Tuesday November 26, 2013

Richard Wolowicz

Remember that time Sidney Crosby scored a game-tying goal just before regulation ended? That was fun. []

The ending of the game was more fun for our friends at Stanley Cup of Chowder. [SCoC]

In the four games since James Neal has switched back to a clear visor from a tinted one, he has 5 goals and 4 assists. Amazing what happens now that he can see. [Post-Gazette]

A look at the new goalie coach, doing wonders for Marc-Andre Fleury, in Mike Bales. Maybe the most important member of the Penguins staff who never gets talked about. [Tribune Review]

Beau Bennett on the shelf for 8-10 weeks and Tanner Glass will be out for a while too, both believed to have hand/wrist injuries. [PG]

The NHL announced a ridiculously huge 12 year, $5.2 b-b-b-b-billion dollar deal with Rogers for broadcast rights (starting next year) in Canada. In simple terms for what it means for us. More revenue = higher salary cap = Pens get to spend more money on players. []

Which sadly means an end of games on TSN. [Puck Daddy]

Ten former players (and that will surely grow) have entered a lawsuit against the NHL about how they handled concussions. This comes a few months after the NFL agreed to pay thousands of players a huge settlement in a similar case. [Puck Daddy]

Daniel Sedin pulled a Pascal Dupuis and yanked a tooth out of his mouth last night. [Pro Hockey Talk]

What does everyone think about the new Buffalo Sabres 3rd jersey? Seems about fitting for the product they have on the ice. [SB Nation Hockey]

Finally, if you’ve ever wanted to be a hockey blogger but didn’t know where to start, this is a great writeup on our SBN Lightning blog. I agree with it all, we can promote fanposts into the main page if the content has a good voice and we’re always looking for new and fresh voices. Jump in the comments, shoot me emails, stay active and keep active. [Raw Charge]