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Tomas Vokoun injury update

"Retiring? That is one of the possibilities I have to consider" - Tomas Vokoun talks to a Czech website candidly about his unknown playing future.

Alex Trautwig

A big, big thanks to our friend Pavel Vodicka who translated the following invoice for us from a website in the Czech Republic about Penguins backup goalie Tomas Vokoun.

Retiring? That is one of the possibilities I have to consider says Vokoun

- Is your return back on the ice actually possible?
I don't have any new information. I still keep on taking my medicine, waiting till the doctors tell me I'm all right... But as I said, no news for now at all. Right now I'm still where I was a couple of months ago. In October the doctors have told me to wait three months, then we would see what's next.

- So in this period, what can you do and what you aren't allowed to do?
I'm back in full training, including the gym. I could go also on the ice, but I'm not allowed to stop the pucks, so this part of preparation I avoid. Basically I train just like if it was summer and I was preparing for the training camp.

- Running, bicycle...
Exactly like this.

- You have hinted in the past that if it was necessary to retire from hockey, you wouldn't hesitate to do so. Is that still valid?
Everything is possible and exactly what you have said could still happen. Let's say I'm ready for this decision as well. It's one of many things I have thought of. I'm approaching the age of 38 years, sooner or later the end was coming anyway.

- It might be a consolation for you that now you are at Florida with your family. Surely they are happy to have you at home?
Yes, to be at home also for the Christmas is something exceptional. I'm happy the club let me stay at Florida. For now I have no plans or expectations, I'll see how the situation evolves and I'll decide accordingly.

- Do you watch and follow your Penguins' team mates at least on the TV? Surely it must be annoying that you can't be part of the team that is doing so well?
To be honest, I don't follow hockey that much. Of course I check out the results, I read the newspaper in the morning, but I don't watch the matches.

- How was it to see the Penguins' supporters applaud you?
It was great. I went to see the match, it was only a couple of days after I was dismissed from the hospital. You know, I would prefer to be on the ice, but health is more important. I'm following all advices of the doctors.

- Czech national team head coach Hadamczik is about to name the team for the Olympic games. Is Ondrej Pavelec going to be a reliable starting goalkeeper?
Ondrej is good goalkeeper, he has experience. He played well at two World Championship tournaments, I'm sure he won't be any trouble to this team.

Thanks again to Pavel. We'll continue to play wait-and-see about Vokoun, but just based off the tone of this interview, it sounds like a man who is very much uncertain about his playing future.