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Pens Points Monday: Ottawa Gameday

Sid named NHL 2nd star of the week. Luongo injured. Pouliot makes Canada's WJC roster. Sens take the cake for the most unbearable holiday video.

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The Pens are set to square off against the Ottawa Senators tonight. As per the Penguins Report, doesn't look like Glass will dress tonight. Here is game preview from Pens Nation. Fleury will be in goal, the rest of the lineup is game-time decision. Expect Chris Conner on the second line with Jokinen and Neal, though.

The captain was named NHL second star of the week following a stretch of 4 games with 2 goals and 6 assists. Blues' Chris Stewart and Avs' Matt Duchene were named 1st and 3rd stars, respectively.

Roberto Luongo left last night's game vs. the Jets for an as-yet unspecified lower-body injury. Will his potential absence affect team Canada plans?

Canada made final cuts to their WJC roster for Malmo and Pens prospect Derrick Pouliot is in.

Jaromir Jagr is the best, Vol. 30. Jags has never been one for bland quotes, and it was always one of the things I loved most about him.

The Score lists top 10 most blatant defensive breakdowns of 2013. Also, how shallower nets make wraparound attempts easier. Duh. Flower's been much better on wraparounds this year, though.

Hottest NHL streaks heading into Christmas break. Kane, Crosby, Jones, Ducks, in no particular order. Also, from the weekend roundup, Pens win everything including 24/7 ratings when they're not even on the show technically. (For more on that, see Sunday's Pens Points.)

The Pens jersey from the mid-90s made a cameo on Saturday Night Live. I have a few of those. Still among my favorites.

In the holiday spirit, here is the Christmas greetings video from our tonight's opponents, the Ottawa Senators. It's painful, with a few brief moments of excruciating misery, but at least it's long. It features a lot of really bad singing, missing teeth, reindeer antlers, and yes, mups. Still trying to decide whether a brief glimpse of Erik Karlsson was worth suffering through the whole thing for. Merry Christmas, Ottawa.