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Evgeni Malkin pulls sick puck trick during rehab

Who said rehab was all fun and no games? Evgeni Malkin uploaded the following video on his twitter account today:

Just a sick trick for Geno to pull, tossing a puck into the bucket from long distance. This video was taken today, apparantely, in Pittsburgh, where Malkin is skating with a few other people while the team is on the road. The Pens are in Carolina tonight and then they head to Montreal for a primetime game on Saturday before returning to Pittsburgh.

When the team returns, Malkin will get evaluated and maybe even take his cognitive tests and baseline tests to see if he is able to take the next step in his recovery from a concussion suffered on February 22nd against Florida. Based on the evidence above, it looks like Malkin is feeling pretty good and he's still got his coordination down pat, so again we just hope that no more symptoms kick up and he's able to hopefully rejoin his teammates in practice as soon as next week.