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3/1/13 Penguins Power Rankings

Doing what I can to earn my keep around here.

Keep in mind that this ultimately means next to nothing next to actual playoff seeding and Stanley Cup victories.

Website Last Week This Week Comment
CBS 4 5 They are hardly a flawless team yet as the Flyers showed, but they're still potent. They have a power-play goal in each of the last 11 games ... They did fine minus Sidney Crosby last season, can they do it sans Evgeni Malkin now?
ESPN 3 6 Evgeni Malkin's concussion is an obvious concern. Here's hoping it's not serious enough to keep him out too, too long past this week. How good was Sidney Crosby on Sunday? Wow.
FOX 2 4 The Pens endured minus Sidney Crosby as he returned from his head injury. Now, it’s the team’s other star forward (Evgeni Malkin) who appears to be sidelined with a concussion.
The Hockey News X 5 Loss of Malkin to concussion symptoms doesn't slow down Penguins, who are getting key contributions from Sidney Crosby (28 points), James Neal (four game-winning goals).
NHL 6 X Did not publish?!
Sports Illustrated 4 4 The playoffs seem assured, but the only thing that Pens fans can think about right now is Evgeni Malkin's condition. It was something of a bizarre news update on the Penguins' website Sunday when coach Dan Bylsma confirmed that Malkin has a concussion after being sent into the boards by Florida's Erik Gudbranson and would miss at least the next three games. Bylsma added that Malkin was suffering from short-term memory loss, but "he's feeling fine and his memory is returning." Let's hope Malkin returns soon, but does anyone ever really know how long it's going to take? On Monday, he was placed on injured reserve, retroactive to Feb. 22. Meanwhile, Sidney Crosby, who has had his own concussion history, looks like he's feeling fine. He was dominant in Sunday's 5-3 win over Tampa Bay, with two goals and an assist.
TSN 2 5 Five wins in the last six games, with the only loss coming in Tomas Vokoun's shaky start against Philadelphia last Wednesday, but the Penguins lose a little ground in the rankings when Evgeni Malkin hit the boards in Florida with enough impact to cause a concussion.

Aggregate rating last week: 3.50. This week: 4.83.
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