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Scouting report on Brenden Morrow

Brandon Worley from our SB Nation Partner Defending Big D helps us look at what Brenden Morrow is and isn't in 2013.

Lasers, pew pew pew!
Lasers, pew pew pew!
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We're lucky enough in the SB Nation network to have experts on just about everything. So when the Brenden Morrow trade went down, one of my first thoughts was "I gotta get Brandon Worley to weigh in and let us know how good Morrow is".

So I asked and received, thanks to Brandon and be sure to check out Defending Big D for their perspective on the trade.

Brenden Morrow is not what he once was, but he's still a very useful and valuable player in the right role and with the right linemates. His strength right now is dumping the puck, getting deep and getting to the net; don't expect much more. There's a lot of talk about how is faring physically, and that he's "breaking down" after years of abuse in front of the net and around the crease.

Last season, Morrow fought through a severe neck and back injury that significantly limited his effectiveness; he couldn't skate, he couldn't shoot and he was taking an incredible amount of penalties trying to keep up defensively. This season he's looked much, much better. He can get to the net, he can still win battles along the boards and he still can show a nice mean streak when he's on top of his game. Every now and then he'll bust out his patented "reversal" on a big hit, and he's still capable of finding the dirty goals around the net.

Morrow is going to bring grit, leadership on the ice and he'll never quit -- no matter how much he may have faded the past few years, and that's a significant amount, he's never given up on the ice. He's not a rah-rah, vocal leader though, and sometimes that's been a knock against him in the locker room. On an excellent team with established leadership and a strong locker room, it's possible that Morrow may play even better as the pressure gets lifted off his shoulders a bit.

We're going to miss him dearly in Dallas; perhaps one of the more beloved hockey players to ever step foot on the ice for the Stars. Good luck to him in Pittsburgh.

Some great information there. It remains to be seen if Morrow is a natural fit in Pittsburgh, but his "go to the net" style figures to bode well. Hopefully like Gary Roberts and Bill Guerin before him, Morrow will fit into the Pens lineup and locker-room and help them embark on another deep playoff run.

Time will tell for all of that, but after this scouting report are you more encouraged or less by the addition of Morrow to the Pens?