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Pens acquire Douglas Murray from Sharks

The Pittsburgh Penguins swing their second deal in two days and add defensemen Douglas Murray from the San Jose Sharks.

Dilip Vishwanat

For the second straight day, the Penguins have made a major trade, this time getting defenseman Douglas Murray from the San Jose Sharks.

It's a big-time deal. The team's on a 12 game winning streak, but Ray Shero is striking now, a week and a half out from the trade deadline, making the first moves before other contenders can try to pull the trigger on moves themselves.

And that makes a lot of sense- most of the teams in the league are just a few points out of the playoff chase, and believe they could make a run for the post-season. The Penguins are at the top of the heap in the East, they have no worries about making it, but they did obviously want to round out their team.

We'll have more analysis on Murray soon. It's clear he's big, tough to play against and has had some success in the past. He's another piece to the puzzle and a free agent at season's end.

The price of two second round picks is high, but look at how the Pens draft. They usually go with collegiate kids in the draft, and they almost always take 3-5 years of development in college/minors before they are ready for the NHL, if they even are. The Penguins current window doesn't mean much for a guy who could help 5+ years in a row.

The Pittsburgh Penguins have sent a clear message that they are trying to win the Stanley Cup this year. By adding Murray, they hope the've added another piece to the puzzle to do just that.