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3 questions with Silver Seven Sens

Our buddy Peter from Silver Seven stops in to talk about Matt Cooke and Ottawa's playoff matchups.

Phillip MacCallum

Much thanks to Peter from Silver Seven Sens to stop in and catch up before tonight's Pens and Sens game.

#1 – I think it’s a bit played out, but your thoughts on Matt Cooke returning to Ottawa? What’s he in for? Also the Penguins may dress their heavyweight fighter Steve MacIntyre for his first NHL game of the season, does Ottawa currently have a pure goon on the roster if those two want to have a pointless dance?

Aside from perhaps some booing or heckling from the fans, I doubt Matt Cooke is in for much. He's not going to drop his gloves, anyway, so even if Chris Neil finishes a few extra checks on him it won't mean much. The points are important for the Sens, though, so they won't likely dress Matt Kassian and they're going to have to stay focused on the game instead of getting distracted by Cooke.

#2 – With all the injuries what’s your confidence level in the Senators having enough offensive muscle to be a dangerous playoff team. Erik Karlsson looks like he may be back soon, any news on Jason Spezza?

Ottawa's had trouble scoring, that's true, but their defence and (most importantly) goaltending has been what's gotten them to where they are today; if that can continue, then the Sens should have enough offence to compete in the post-season. Karlsson may be back before the end of the regular season, which is great, but Spezza is really, really concerning... he was supposed to be two weeks off a month ago, and now there's no timeline. He could end up missing the rest of the year.

#3 – As we roar into the playoffs, where do you think Ottawa ends up? A lot could still shake out but what teams would you want to see the Senators play in the first round, and which ones are ones to avoid in terms of you think your team would match up?

I still think the Sens will end up in sixth place, which would set them up for a matchup against the Capitals (probably). They could finish seven or eight, but I think the team should be able to manage enough points in their last four games to grab and hold on to sixth place.

As for the lines, it's tough to say right now... still possible that Kassian will dress. If he doesn't, the lines will probably look like...