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Penguins Usage Chart: End of Season 2013

And that's all she wrote...

Justin K. Aller

Let's get right into it...


  • Not much has changed here, but Pascal Dupuis has really cemented his bid for a Selke this year. If he's ever going to win one on merit rather than reputation, this might be his chance. Between this graphical representation and his league-high for forwards 7.3 DGVT, leaving him off the ballot would be a mistake, in my opinion.
  • Similarly, Kris Letang has that mix of offensive and defensive talent and performance that Norris voters love, but will his injuries keep him from winning? Who knows. I guess we'll get to find out soon enough.
  • I'm sorry, but Douglas Murray just hasn't been cutting it as anything other than a battering ram. Same for Deryk Engelland. Those are useful, but I'd rather a team use up two forward spots for players like that, frankly.
  • Tyler Kennedy finished positive. Good for him.
  • Not much to add here. Paul Martin goes positive when normalized for zone starts, while Kennedy and Jarome Iginla go negative. Iginla is especially surprising given how large his bubble was on the regular Corsi chart.
  • Free Simon Despres!
  • Okay, so Deryk Engelland blocks a few shots, too. Still, he's not preventing them at the clip you need a defenseman to prevent shots.
  • And hey, okay, fine, maybe Beau Bennett isn't a god yet.