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Penguins vs. Bruins series likely to start on Saturday

Good news if you like summer hockey- the Conference finals aren't going to begin until June 1st in the East.

Alex Trautwig

From our friends at Stanley Cup of Chowder (and everywhere, really) it looks like the Eastern Conference Finals between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Boston Bruins will start on Saturday. As in June 1st.

The pushback is due to both of the Western series going seven games, with both of the Eastern series only lasting five.

For the Penguins, this break will be best for James Neal and Chris Kunitz, two players who have missed practices (and for Kunitz parts of games) recently with various and of course unknown injuries.

For the Bruins this one week break will likely be even more advantageous, as they've had several injuries to their defense for guys like Andy Ference, Wade Redden and Dennis Seidenberg. While they've had several young players fill in tremdenously, getting some of those vets back could be a huge boost for Boston.

Either way, we'll have plenty of time to disect the matchup all this week as the Pens and Bruins eventually get this thing going to decide which team gets to play for the Stanley Cup.