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Pens Points: Sid's jaw, Pens Bruins series predictions and more!

Links from around the rink regarding the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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Justin K. Aller

''Hopefully you're not reading this over breakfast or lunch, but James Mirtle from the Globe and Mail had a great (but kinda gruesome) article about Sidney Crosby in his return from the broken jaw.

''An anonymous NHL coach likes the Pens to beat the Bruins in five games. [Pro Hockey Talk]

''Tim Wharnsby from CBC likes the Pens in 7 and has a really good series preview.

''Boston really likes to trump up the underdog card. Which, honestly, it's better to face a team that calls themselves and underdog than a big, bad bully, not that public statements mean too much. [The Pensblog]

''Andy Ference still isn't medically cleared from his broken foot, and Wade Redden is also status unknown, so the 1 million day break between series may not initially help Boston get some of theire defensemen back. [Calgary Herald]

''Jesse Marshall owning, telestrating about the Boston PK in what will be a key matchup.

''Wysh with a really nice look at Mark Eaton and stick-to-it-iveness. [Puck Daddy]

''This is a couple days old, but definitely worth the read if you missed it- Sean Leahy talks with Kris Letang about the five year anniversary of Luc Bourdon passing away.