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Ray Shero Press Conference: Dan Bylsma stays as Pens coach

At today's season ending press conference, Pens general manager Ray Shero gave clear and solid votes of confidence to his coach Dan Bylsma and his goalie Marc-Andre Fleury.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

The biggest question leading into general manager Ray Shero's end of season press conference was the status of coach Dan Bylsma.

Assistants Tony Granato and Todd Reirden also saw their contracts extended.

After a season that saw the Penguins win 15 games in a row and become favorites for the Stanley Cup, Bylsma and staff took a lot of heat after the team scored just two goals in four games in the Eastern Conference finals, getting swept out by the Boston Bruins.

Shero though has given Bylsma this vote of confidence and laid the blame mainly on the feet of the players, challenging them to get better and be able to clear the hudrles in the playoffs. "I believe in Dan Bylsma. I believe in our coaching staff. He reports to me. He's my coach.". Strong and clear words from the general manager.

Asked about goalie Marc-Andre Fleury, Shero said he was "happy" with the goaltending this season and that the reason he traded for Tomas Vokoun last summer was to "help Marc-Andre" and said the change was made to save the team.