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Pens Points: Regrouping for Game 2

Simon Despres is the best #30 pick in the first round and lots about Tomas Vokoun, Matt Cooke and more in today's Pens Points!

Jamie Sabau

Some thoughts and quick points around Penguin nation on game 2 gameday versus Boston:

''On Cooke-gate 2013
  • Cooke's account of the hit where he makes his case that it shouldn't have been a suspendable hit.
  • And it won't be a suspension, according to the NHL.
  • B's coach Claude Julien, from comments like these doesn't have a problem with that.
  • And now we can move on, at least until Game 3 when the Boston fns will get to get their pound of flesh from Cooke.

''Josh Yohe with an obvious point- history doesn't smile on teams if they lose Games 1 & 2 at home, making tonight a pretty important game.

''The Bruins realize they have some room for improvement too, which is tough to remember that the Pens won't be the only team looking to make some adjustments for tonight.

''Never too late to catch up to a Penguins roundtable from Faceoff Factor if you missed it.

''Wysh from Puck Daddy says what all rational people say: Tomas Vokoun has earned the right to play tonight.

''Dan Bylsma! (Not unlike Horatio Sanz in Step Brothers).[]

'' is doing a "dream draft" and Simon Despres was named the best ever #30th pick (in the first round) of the draft. There were only 12 other possibilities, so it's not the biggest honor ever, but still pretty cool, so good for Simon. Hopefully he'll continue to make this look good. And, boy, I wonder if the Pens will show up on this list with future picks..

''Boston's dominance in faceoffs in Game 1 is something the Pens need to improve on.