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2013 NHL Draft is today

The Pittsburgh Penguins don't pick until the 3rd round in today's draft, but with potential trades and re-signings it could be a very busy day for the team.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Good morning Pensburghers. We've (already) arrived at the entry draft in what figures to be a whirlwind off-season. The Pittsburgh Penguins don't have a pick until 77 as of now in the draft, but with trades coming and maybe news about Kris Letang contract negotiations on-going, it figures to be a busy and possibly very interesting day.

As for the team, it seems like things have taken a positive turn for Letang sticking around, with progress reportedly made between his agent and the team in recent negotiations. On the other hand, negotiations with impending free agent Pascal Dupuis have not gone as well lately, with the two sides not finding much common ground.

From Rob Rossi at the Trib:

The Penguins and winger Pascal Dupuis are far apart on a contract that would prevent him from becoming a free agent Friday. Shero and Allan Walsh, Dupuis' agent, met Friday. However, the Penguins believe Dupuis will test the open market — that is why they signed winger Chris Kunitz to a three-year contract Thursday.

Shero is reportedly looking to trade into the second round of today's draft, but it remains to be seen what he may be sending the other way. Restricted free agent to be Tyler Kennedy might be in play, and the Pens hold the rights to Jarome Iginla and Brenden Morrow as well. It's doubtful any or all of those rights would add up to a second round pick, but we'll see how the day unfolds.