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Pens draft goalie Tristan Jarry in 2nd round

The Pittsburgh Penguins traded the pick they got for Tyler Kennedy to move up six spots and draft goaltender Tristan Jarry from the WHL with the 44th overall pick in the 2013 NHL draft.

Richard Wolowicz

The Pittsburgh Penguins jockeyed around, moving up six spots in the second round to select the second goaltender of the NHL draft when they took Tristan Jarry with their first selection of the 2013 NHL Entry draft, coming in at pick 44. To make the trade they also gave up pick #89 in today's draft along with the 50th overall selection from the Tyler Kennedy trade made earlier today.

Here's a scouting report:

He's not a cookie-cutter goalie and doesn't just drop in the butterfly; he'll stand up and read the play and possesses good rebound control. He probably played one out of every four games this year, but each time I've seen him, he looks like a veteran. His smartness and confidence are what have helped him improve and develop his overall game."
Corey Pronman had Jarry as his top ranked goalie, with his scouting report being:

Jarry checks in as the top goaltender on my list. Despite playing at a high level in Edmonton, he did not get as much ice time as one would expect from a top goalie prospect, as he shared the net with Flames prospect Laurent Brossoit. Thus, his numbers are affected by sample size distortion. His tools are quite noteworthy, though. While he has just average size, his athletic abilities stand out. He is a quick, energetic goaltender who effectively moves laterally, recovering well after the first shot. He has good limbs as well, showing the ability to make stops that require good reflexes beyond squaring up pucks. He is a competitive goalie, and scouts applaud his ability to fight through screens and find pucks in traffic. His rebounds can be a tad too juicy at times, and that will be an area to address going forward, along with the fact that he must fill out his current frame

We'll see how it goes, it's definitely risky to take a goalie high in the draft, but obviously to trade up the Penguins must have wanted him. It's interesting that Jarry split the crease, he put up good stats but hopefully he'll get more playing time in order to develop to full potential. Certainly it seems he has the athletic tools, now we'll see in the years to come if he can put it altogether and be a factor at the professional level.