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Pens Points 8/20: New Goalie Coach, USA Olympic Camp

Links around the Pittsburgh Penguins and NHL on a lazy summer Tuesday.


The Penguins have promoted minor league goalie coach Mike Bales up to the NHL for the same job. Success or failure depends on what he can do with Marc-Andre Fleury. [Tribune-Review]

195 Flyers fans went to an arena to watch paint dry. Yeah, and Ilya Bryzgalov was the one that was crazy. [Puck Daddy]

The San Jose Sharks are about to release some new jerseys. [Fear the Fin]

Teemu Selanne is finally going to announce next week that he'll remain behind Jagr in career scoring, um, whether or not he'll play for the Anaheim Ducks next season. [SBN Hockey]

If you're like me and live in the DC area, next week Dan Bylsma, Ray Shero, Beau BennettBrooks Orpik and Paul Martin will be in town (but not on the ice) with Team USA. It's $40 bones to get in, which hopefully will buy a round with Patrick Kane. [USA Hockey]

Brent Seabrook gives his newborn son a middle name of "Seven". We're so sorry, future unborn child of Sidney Crosby. [Pro Hockey Talk]