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Pens Points 8/22: Expand NHL Video Replay? We Took All the Captains, So Let's Pick New Ones

Your daily dose of Pens and NHL news and views. NHL is still wrestling with the video replay. Pens hogged all the captains last year, so half the teams now need new ones. New goalie masks have zombies on them. Did BobbyLu beat Sid's time at the DMV?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Good morning zombies! Just kidding. 42 days till puck drop. Here's what's happening in the world of flightless skating birds and hockey in general.

It's an issue as old as sport itself. Anyone involved in officiating in any sport will tell you that they all try very hard to get the call right. But every once in a while they will get it wrong. Sometimes, as in the case of the Matt Duchene goal against the Predators this past February, they get it so wrong that the Matt Duchene Offside Buffer Zone got its own label in one of the funniest and coolest hockey graphics that breaks down the most important areas of an NHL ice rink. Video review does exist in the NHL, but its use is limited to deciding the legitimacy of goals. In my mind that would include whether the goal scored by a player who was 10 feet offsides should count, but that's just me. As of right now, that particular situation is not reviewable. The latest, very insightful piece on explores how the NHL should expand the use of video replay.

As we all know, the NHL salary cap is set at $64.3M for 2013-14 season. However, there are 80 million reasons the evil dwarf is smiling in this picture. These are just projections, of course. We know that fans vote with their wallets, and my wallet says these projections are realistic. Let's hope this materializes, because it will signify substantial growth of the league.

Because Ray Shero went on a captain binge at the last trade deadline, more than a quarter of NHL teams are now looking for new captains. The Hockey News give us their predictions on who the new captains will be at Buffalo, Calgary, Columbus, Dallas, Edmonton, Long Island, Ottawa and Tampa.

After playing for pretty much every team in the NHL last year, including a brief audition for Malkin's other winger, Zach Boychuk returns to Carolina Staalicanes by signing a 1-year 2-way contract.

If you took all the remaining unrestricted free agents and made a team out of them, they'd be pretty good.

It's always fun to check out new goalie masks for the upcoming season. Jiggy's new mask will make him look like a Yeti, while Steve Mason, what with being in Philadelphia and in keeping with the Zombie theme the Flyers have embraced, will have Benjamin Franklin and Betsy Ross as zombies on his new mask.

Instead of Pens history it's baseball history again, as on Wednesday night Ichiro recorded 4000 hits for his professional baseball career. I've successfully ignored the fact he's a Yankee now and still pretend he's a Mariner. Yankee or not, and with all due respect to Pete Rose and others, Ichiro is the greatest hitter in the history of baseball (though I've only been watching baseball < 20 years).

And just another reminder that Roberto Luongo is still the funniest guy on Twitter.