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Pens Points 8/26: Power Shifts East; Olympic Camps Kick Off

Your daily open thread of Pens and NHL news. With the Red Wings and other divisional realignment, has the power shifted East in the NHL? Luongo finally talks, and when it rains, it pours. Sid and Geno are good at hockey each way you slice it. Olympic camps are in full swing.

Mike Stobe

Good morning and sorry for the somewhat late posting. 37 days till puck drop.

An interesting opinion over at Puck Daddy, which I cite here fairly rarely, on how the balance of power in the NHL may have shifted East with the realignment and the Red Wings. Essentially, after the Blackhawks and the Kings, the quality of teams in the West drops significantly.

We've all been wondering about when the Luongo floodgates were going to burst open, and it finally happened. In a wide-ranging interview to James Duthie, BobbyLu opens up about everything. Make sure to set aside enough time, this is not going to take a quick minute.

Chart Du Jour explores our numbers with and without Sid and Geno. Doesn't show us anything we don't already know. These guys are, well, amazing. Will their production be enough to compensate for a very meh bottom 6 is another question.

A weird, very weird, case of a HockeyBuzz writer who was hacked after reporting on the finances of the Ottawa Senators. I'll be tweeting M-E-L-N-Y-K in code only from now on.

As you can well imagine, hockey news over the weekend were dominated by the kick-off of Canadian, USA and Russian Olympic orientation camps. In short, Canadians have gathered in Calgary, Sid has given 256583 interviews and they are claiming loyalty to past Olympic team members won't happen to the detriment of their performance on the bigger ice surface. Team USA kicks off today, and there is a heavy Pens presence there. Russian team has gathered in Sochi. The link is in Russian, but it has the most pictures. And there is more Geno and Kovy fun stuff here. I have no idea why in the heck Geno is wearing what he's wearing.

Now, about Sochi. Hooks and I have been discussing a series of articles on Olympic teams. I will start on them, country by country, obviously starting with those countries I know best: Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Canada, and moving on down to less familiar territory that will require more research. I will tell you what I think the 25-man rosters will be, the strengths and weaknesses of coaching, goaltending, defense and forward corps, and how well I think that team will do in Sochi. This will serve as simply a conversation starter and we'll depend on our whole community of posters to chime in and tell us their thoughts.

It's Monday. Things have nowhere to go but up.