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Pens Points 8/28: The Skinny on Pouliot, Letang's New Year Resolution

Your daily open thread for Pens and other hockey news. In today's entry, the skinny on Derrick Pouliot. Kris Letang has a New Year resolution. All you need to know about team USA, plus the secret agenda for the team Canada Olympic orientation camp.

Bruce Bennett

Hey everyone. 35 days till puck drop.

We all know that Team Canada Olympic hopefuls gathered in Calgary to start the preparation for the Sochi Olympics. Due to insurance issues, players couldn't take the ice, so everyone was wondering what exactly WERE they doing there. Down Goes Brown has the agenda. Hee hee.

Team USA unveiled their new jerseys, and the players sat down for a number of awkward photo-ops. I was sort of enthused up until Justin Faulk, only to have it go downhill from there. I'm just kidding. I think our boys will do well, and so does Billy G. Pens Report has fantastic coverage of the camp, so check it out. Interviews with Orpik, Martin, Shero and others. Good stuff.

Just a few days ago we were asked to rank the top 25 Pens prospects. Pretty sure this guy was in most people's top 5. Jesse Marshall over at Faceoff Factor offers an excellent look at what makes Derrick Pouliot so good. Read up.

Pens alumni are in town for Charity Classic. Among them are Eddie Johnston, Jay Caufield, Pierre Larouche, Troy Looney, Ron Schock, Randy Hillier, Warren Young, Ken Schinkel and obviously Mario Lemieux. Speaking of Lemieux, he's already received so many accolades and been described in every superlative possible. Former linemate and co-captain Terry Ruskowski had this to say: "If God put one person on this earth to do one particular thing, it was Mario Lemieux to play hockey." Nuff said.

And it's not January, but October is sort of the beginning of a new year for hockey, so in light of that here is the Kris Letang New Year Resolution. Let us all hope he sticks to it.

Here's Geno on the top of the mountain. Eww, these shirts are ugly. Let's hope the actual jerseys are better. I'm in need of one but will not wear something hideous. My old Tretiak still has some life in it.