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New Pittsburgh Penguins Alternate 3rd Jersey - 2013-14 or 2014-15?

The months old topic has found renewed vigor as fans continue to debate the merits of a new jersey design for the Pens.

Vincent Pugliese

Apparently ESPN has recently posted a few articles ranking the top uniforms in all of sports (which is further broken down individually). In their <a href="">list of overall uniforms</a>, the Pittsburgh Penguins are ranked #29 out of 122 MLB/NBA/NFL/NHL teams. In their <a href="">list of just NHL jerseys</a>, we are ranked #7 out of 30. The also have a <a href="">follow-up story</a> where Craig Custance makes his suggestions on teams that are improperly ranked, and his suggestion is that Chicago should be higher, which would bump us to #8.

So why is this suddenly a trendy topic for us here at Pensburgh? Because the ESPN article linked to a discussion from the beginning of this season about the <a href="">Penguins 3rd jersey design</a>. So despite the fact that more recent comments from the Penguins have suggested that they do not plan on using an alternate jersey in 2013-14 (although that report came from Dejan Kovacevic of the Tribune Review, so take it with a grain of salt) we now see a resurgence of interest in fan suggestions for 3rd jersey designs.

You can search around and find numerous boards discussing the possibility of new jersey designs and what they should be. Many of them date back to the beginning of the season when it was announced that 2012-13 would be the final season for the dark blue Winter Classic jerseys, but there are still some recent topics to be found as well. Although I do like the suggestion that perhaps the reason they do not plan to use a new 3rd jersey in 2013-14 is so that they can unveil it for the 2014-15 season, which is the 30th anniversary of Mario Lemieux's rookie season in Pittsburgh. So, if we are to see a new jersey unveiled, what would you like to see?