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GIF of the day: Kris Letang doing Kris Letang things

We look at the rare defenseman-gets-a-breakaway goal from last preseason game against Chicago where the very opportunistic Kris Letang saw a cross-ice pass, intercepted it and went in alone for a goal.

Justin K. Aller

A lot is expected of Kris Letang. I've done a lot of podcasts, questions and answers for other blogs and conversations on twitter and other than a Marc-Andre Fleury question, the most popular thing I've been asked this season goes along the lines of: "what's up with that huge contract Letang got, any chance he lives up to it?".

The Boston playoff meltdown has given Letang a pretty bad reputation league wide, but us Penguin fans know you have to take the good with the bad. And the good is mighty fine, like this example of Letang's anticipation and athletic ability when he basically pulled off hockey's version of a "pick 6" by intercepting a pass and walking it in all alone.



Letang only scored 5 goals in 35 regular season games last season, and now with new partner Rob Scuderi, he might feel more free to make plays like this as the year goes on, knowing he has a steady and reliable partner covering his back.

More plays like this and fewer mental mistakes and Kris Letang will definitely live up to his new, big contract extension (which kicks in next season at a $7.25 million cap hit).

(Credit Mike Darnay for the GIF)