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Pens Points 9/3: Rookie Tourney, Training Camp News

Your daily open thread of Penguins and other hockey news. The rookie tournament is just days away; camp starts next week, and the first preseason game is just around the corner. Can you smell hockey in the air?

Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photo

It's finally September! We're 28 days away from regular season puck drop!

Penguins rookie tourney starts on September 5, training camp kicks off September 11 and the first preseason game is 4 days later. The roster for the aforementioned rookie tournament in London, Ontario has been released.

The Pens signed Tom Kostopoulos to an AHL deal. He's like a bad penny, in a good sort of way. He's been around for many years and this is his third stint with the WBS Penguins.

Here's a brief but useful look at realignment, our new divisional foes, playoff format, and how the whole thing impacts the Penguins. While I don't hate the whole realignment effort per se, I'm not a fan of the MetDiv 1/2/3 + AtlDiv 1/2/3/ + WC 1/2 make the playoffs. I haven't yet figured out exactly how the seeding will work. I assume division winners will be seeded 1 and 2; the rest is still a bit foggy. Why wouldn't they just have the 8 best teams from each conference make the playoffs and seed them exactly by points earned? Because that would make sense and the NHL is not about making sense.

THW look at the top 10 overpaid players in the NHL. Gah there are some horrible contracts out there, but none on the Penguins. Here's to you, Mr. SheroMagic.

Corey Crawford scored himself a hefty extension. Six years, $36M. While he does have two Cups, he's a very inconsistent goalie, but I guess the Hawks check one things off their to-do list.

Matt Niskanen can do the math and knows he might be headed out of town. The Pens have less than 4 weeks to get under the cap and he knows when the music stops he might be the one without the chair. I'd be kind of sad to see him go because I had big expectations from him a year ago but it didn't exactly pan out that way, and now his salary is an obvious issue.

For the end, here's the list of the funniest nicknames in the NHL today.

Happy birthday, James Neal!