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Tuesday Pens Points: Pens Lose a Clunker. Melnyk Still on Cooke's Case

Pens turn in a clunker and are humbled by Panthers, 5-1. Eugene Melnyk meets with the NHL to press his case against Matt Cooke. Semin goes to Sochi after all. Jimmy Howard injured.

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Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

The Pens laid a giant penguin egg last night. In what was a clunker of a game, absolutely nothing went right for the Pens, and the Panthers came out on top 5-1. Hooks said everything that needed to be said in his recap, and here's more, with excellent gifs, from Penguins Sauce.

The Pens were inferior to the Panthers in every single aspect of the game last night. It's not the end of the world, and you can't win 'em all, but there's a lot to be cleaned up and hopefully learned from what happened yesterday.

Some breaking news from Russia: Alexander Semin will reportedly replace injured Sergei Soin on the Russian hockey roster.

John Tortorella was suspended for 15 days (causing him to miss 6 Canucks games) without pay, and Bob Hartley was fined $25K for their respective shenanigans Saturday night in Vancouver.

Prepare to be entertained: Senators owner Eugene Melnyk and GM Bryan Murray met with the NHL yesterday to continue his crusade against Matt Cooke over the Erik Karlsson injury. Apparently he presented whatever "evidence" his forensic team has gathered, and apparently this is not a joke. I'm not typing this with a straight face.

The Red Wings lost to St. Louis Blues last night and also lost Jimmy Howard to an injury. Is this the year their playoff streak ends?

Here are USA Today's team power rankings (Pens are #4) and player power rankings (Sid is #1). Patrick Kane sits at #3 on the list, and keeps looking up at Crosby for refining his game every single day. Life of the party or not, I think we're just beginning to see the glimpses of the player he can be, which is scary and wonderful at the same time.

Here are some 'What If' questions on Jaromir Jagr. What if he never left the Pens, or what if some other moves never happened? Where would he be on the top-10 lists of everything?