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Stat of the day: Shots, shots, shots

A new feature looking at the numbers hidden in hockey. Today, we look at how Ryan Miller has fared against the Pittsburgh Penguins in his career.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Ed. note: Debuting here is a new feature for a little look at a surprising, interesting or compelling statistic in/and around the Pittsburgh Penguins..A lot of other blogs have done it, and it gives a quick little look at the numbers between the numbers, so we hope you enjoy..

.888 is Ryan Miller’s career save percentage against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Miller has made 23 starts over the years against the Pens, posting a 7-11-3 record. That .888 career save percentage is the lowest against any one team in his career.

So far this season, Miller hasn’t played against Pittsburgh, and he has a .926 save % that’s 5th best in the league* for a Buffalo team that ranks 29th in shots per game (34.0)

*Minimum 25 starts