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Pens Points Wednesday: LA-Bound

James Neal for Sochi? Kris Letang's name can't stay out of the rumors, Tanner Glass is hitting people and a lot more in today's Pens Points!

Jamie Squire

"I’m not actively shopping any players at this point," Shero said. "The calls you’re getting now or making now are just kind of, ‘What are you looking to do?’ [Post-Gazette]

The Kings turn defense into championships. Novel concept. [PPG Notebook]

Tanner Glass is healthy and throwing some body checks around. [Tribune Review]

Just don't ask him about arena stat keeping (or hybrid icing). [PPG Anderson]

The Pens are off to warmer climates for a few days with their moms in tow. Dads are shocked and disappointed. [Pens official]

Vokoun keeps getting better, and started taking shots in practice. [Trib - Yohe]

How would Vokoun's possible return impact Pens' cap situation? [THW - Colligan]

Our buddy Jesse Marshall from Faceoff Factor stopped by the Trib to give an advanced stats basics course about the great season Matt Niskanen has been having. [Chipped Ice - Trib]

Dreger and McKenzie give you the temperature of the league on trade talks, and could James Neal replace Steven Stamkos at the Olympics? [TSN]

Pierre LeBrun just went there when it comes to floating Kris Letang 's name in trade talks. [ESPN - LeBrun]

A really great read about Joe Rogers, a Notre Dame goalie who didn't let having just one hand stop him. Probably still better than Jean-Sebastien Aubin. [SB Nation]

It's looking like the end of the line for Martin Brodeur. [In Lou We Trust]

Brayden Schenn 's next contract with the Flyers will be fun to watch. [Broad Street Hockey]

So, um, Cal Clutterbuck practiced in black face yesterday. Islanders never cease to embarrass. [Puck Daddy]

Tim Thomas got whooped 6-2 in his return to Boston, but at least he hasn't lost his trademark sense of humor. "I think I might've enjoyed myself watching the State of the Union more". Heyoooo [Puck Daddy]