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Friday Pens Points: Pens Bring A+ Game For Moms

Pens click on all cylinders and skate all over the stumbling Kings. Jokinen is a perfect complement to the second line. Zatkoff earns 10th W with stellar work. Bishop, Moulson injured. Varlamov gets 5-year extension.

Victor Decolongon

It was kind of hard to drag myself out of bed after 5 hours of sleep, but the fact that the Pens played a terrific all-around game definitely made everything better.

With the possible exception of the 11/20 game in Washington, this was perhaps their most complete performance so far this season. They did allow a Kopitar PP goal, but did just about everything better and smarter, giving the Kings a bit of their own medicine. [PPG]

Here is a very detailed play-by-play from Seth Rorabaugh with all the highlights. [Empty Netters]

Zatkoff is now 9-0-1 in his last 10 starts. He's been excellent and made the most of this opportunity. MM catches up with Zatman. [Mayor's Manor]

If someone had told me I'd love watching my team on the PK, I'd have laughed. But I'm linking to this again, because the Pens PK work in the 3rd period last night was sublime. [PensBurgh]

Jokinen-Malkin-Neal line is getting hotter by the minute. James Conley writes on whether JJ was the Pens' best trade deadline acquisition last year? You bet. [Yahoo Sports]

The defense bent, but didn't break. Letang was out, but Bortuzzo stepped in and did OK. The Kings attempted 50 shots, 31 made it through and Zatkoff took care of all but one of them. [Trib]

The prevailing opinion is the the West is just a better, deeper conference. The Pens' opinions are mixed, and they certainly seem to do well against it. [PPG]

Other than Maatta, Kobasew, Malkin, Orpik and Gibbons, all the moms are on the trip. Even though Disco complained they brought too much luggage, it's a really nice touch.

I enjoyed this read and I will print it out and read it every time they have a bad game. 10 years ago, we had very different expectations. [Pens Initiative]

Here are all your other NHL news and scores: Varlamov gets extension, Bishop and Moulson get injured. [SB Nation]