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Pens Points Tuesday: Olympic Rosters D Day

Eight remaining Olympic hockey teams to be announced today. Will Kunitz, Neal and/or Fleury join Crosby on team Canada? Luongo's injury thought to be 1-2 weeks. Mikko Koivu has surgery for fractured ankle. Logan Couture to have surgery for a hand injury.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Following USA, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Czech Republic, eight remaining men's teams for the Sochi tournament will be announced today. Brace yourselves. And of course, go and check how far off I was in the predictions made over the past two months in our country-by-country Olympic preview series.

The Russian Penguin is going home to compete. So are Finnish Penguin Sr. and Penguin Jr. Ditto our Canadian Emperor Penguin. But what about Kunitz? What about Flower, who is apparently still harboring hope? What about Neal? Listen to Bylsma, Crosby, Kunitz and Neal speak about team Canada and their respective chances (audio only).

The Pens are, conveniently enough, in Vancouver, site of the latest Canadian Olympic triumph. This is a rare road trip through the Western Conference, which I'm excited about because if I have to watch the Pens play the Devils any time soon I will go mental.

Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo is out with an ankle injury that is estimated to keep him away for 7-14 days. In the meantime the team has recalled Joacim Eriksson from the AHL.

From Down Goes Brown, the Blues might be the best team in the NHL, Wild keep fighting despite the many injuries (including the latest one to captain Mikko Koivu), and the Sens are still in the hunt.

Logan Couture is now also injured, and per Pierre LeBrun expected to undergo surgery Wednesday for an injured hand that will keep him out 3-4 weeks. At this rate Craig Adams will make the Canadian roster.

I'm on jury duty today, which is kind of fortunate, come to think of it. What I really want out of this day is for Kuni, Lazy and Flower to all be named to the Canadian team at 11 am, Canada to go into convulsions lasting 12 hours, and the evening to conclude with a 6-0 Pens win in Vancouver, hat tricks for Kunitz and Neal and a Flower shutout. That would be my ideal scenario.