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Pens Points Thursday: Bottom 6, Please Wake Up

Let's remember Eddie Johnston. Is our bottom 6 a corps or a corpse? Jagr says that kid Nedved will be OK. NHL >>> NBA.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Spor

Good morning one and all!

No idea how it's Thursday already, but here we are. The Pens are still chilling in Edmonton awaiting their Friday night matchup with the Oilers. In the meantime, let's catch up on things.

Now that team Canada's been picked, will Sid be its captain? [Yohe - Trib]

We all fell out of our chairs when we heard his name, but Jagr says that kid Nedved is still pretty good, apparently. [NYT]

James Neal took the news he didn't make the team in stride. [Yohe - Trib]

With the Monday's dramatic win in Vancouver, Dan Bylsma became he winningest head coach in Pittsburgh Penguins history. Here is a little retrospective about the man he supplanted, Eddie Johnston himself. []

Thus far in his career, Marc-Andre Fleury has had few peers in shootouts. [PPG]

Is Kris Letang returning to being a dominant defenseman we paid $58M to keep around for another 8 years? [Yohe - Trib]

I know there are many happier topics, but let's look at our bottom 6. [HockeyBuzz]

Jeff Zatkoff is part of the new wave of goalies who are breaking into the league. [PPG]

Seems like Dan Carcillo was all the Rangers needed to find success. They even beat the Blackhawks. []

The rest of last night's action and scores around the league. []

Oh look, the Sabres have a GM now! On your first day on the job, we'd like to talk to you about Matt Moulson. We got the goods. [Ottawa Senators]

Don't bring any coffee to a hockey game and stand between the benches! [YouTube]

NHL now has comparable TV revenues, and seems to be selling more than the NBA. [Puck Daddy]

Oh dear god, I have to go to the Sixers game tomorrow night. My daughter was chosen to high-five the players before the game, except I have no clue who they are. I literally couldn't name one player on that team. There used to be one guy who didn't like to practice, wonder if he's still around.