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Some Thoughts from Last Night's Opening Game

As an ordinary fan I like to discuss the things that stand out to me from the broadcast of the game. Hopefully this can become a semi-regular column on just random things from the previous game.

Justin K. Aller

From time to time I am going to throw together my, at times irreverent, take on the game from the night before. This will be a sporadic thing that is totally dependent upon my morning work schedule. This will be a rip off of Elliotte Friedman's excellent 30 thoughts column. Because imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?

1. It looked like the Penguins were relentless last night, save for a late first period lull in their attack, they went after the Ducks for the better part of three periods. I don't know if it was the release of pent up frustration, or the liberation that comes with a new season, but I cannot remember the last time the Penguins kept up the attack that long in a game.

2. Mike Johnston's system showed immediate dividends for the Pens. As was noted around the blogosphere this week, the changes with how the forwards attack the blue line were very different than Dan Bylsma's and it looked like Sidney Crosby and Patric Hornqvist really benefited from entering the zone with a full head of steam.

3. With ROOT's tandem of Errey and Steigy you can always count on something ridiculous being said to unintentionally liven up the broadcast. One of the funniest moments of the night was when they were talking about fastfood, and ROOT sports immediately cut to a shot of Bruce Boudreau. That is when Steigy chimed in with "Speaking of fast food, there is Bruce Boudreau". It is refreshing to see that Steigy and Errey did not lose any class this offseason!

4. Malkin looked off, which I am sure we all expected from him. He didn't register a shot on goal, and had two minor penalties (although one was questionable). Look for the big bully to get going once he gets his legs under him.

5. Yesterday I mentioned my excitement for the top four defensemen, and boy did Olli Maatta reward us with a spectacular effort. It looks like the defensemen jumping into the rush is a big part of the Johnston system and Maatta looks like a natural at chiming in offensively.

6. I also questioned whether or not Pascal Dupuis could be effective. Through one game the answer is a resounding yes. It was nice to see a hardworking, genuine good guy see a payoff to his hard work rehabbing back from a cataclysmic knee injury. Here's to hoping Super Duper the best of health the rest of the way.

7. Speaking of Duper, did anyone catch his creepy exchange with Potash during the intermission? "Thanks Dan!"

8. Fleury STAY IN YOUR NET! Take away that gaffe of a goal and I thought the Flower was respectable. Although he did try and gift wrap another goal with about a minute to go in the 3rd by leaving his net. Otherwise, it is hard to fault him when Corey Perry is left WAO (that is wide a** open for the non cussing fans of the world) in the slot on the power play.

9. Speaking of the special teams, they left a lot to be desired last night. They did tally a few goals, most notably the Sutter shorty, but they have to, and will improve on the PK.

10. I need suggestions for a good local Pennsylvania brew for Saturday's game. I just moved back from South Carolina where I fell in love with the many great southern micro breweries. Give me some great suggestions, you local lovers of the finer aspects of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Well I am all out of thoughts for now, be sure to share yours in the comments section below and enjoy your Friday Pensburghers.