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Pascal Dupuis stretchered off ice

Scary moment in Pittsburgh with Pascal Dupuis getting taken off the ice on a stretcher after being hit by a puck

Don Wright-USA TODAY Sports

Scary moment in the Penguins / Stars game, Pascal Dupuis was injured and had to be taken off the ice on a stretcher. Here's a vine from our buddy @Madchad412

As you can see, former teammate Alex Goligoski puts a fairly routine and to-be-expected cross check in the back of Dupuis, who falls forward. This happens at a horrible time though, because Kris Letang is in the process of putting a shot on net.

The shot strikes Dupuis somewhere in between the shoulders, up towards the neck area and he's in a world of hurt immediately.

Dupuis was attended to quickly by the Pens staff and they brought a stretcher to carry him off the ice as a silent crowd looked on. Luckily though, Dupuis did give a quick thumbs up to the crowd on his way out, and he did seem to move his legs as well while he was down.

We'll wait and keep you updated as to his status, but for now our best wishes for Pascal Dupuis on a freak play tonight. Hopefully it looked a lot worse than it will be for long-term pain for him.