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Pittsburgh Penguins news and links: Picking up after a defeat edition

All the freshest takes for the Pittsburgh Penguins for Friday October 24, 2014

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

For the Detroit perspective of last night's game, be sure to check out our buddies at Winging it in Motown. [WIIM]

Has the Detroit/Pittsburgh rivalry lost some luster? Probably only natural considering they now play regular season games and that doesn't quite match the intensity of having the Cup on the line 2 years in a row. Still seems like some pretty good games (except for the Penguin collapses in 2013-14 and now this year). [Post-Gazette]

Goal by goal breakdown of the meltdown last night, if you can handle it. [Pens Nation]

Dejan with a couple 'a Pens notes, including: "After their deplorable efforts in the second and third periods each of the past two nights, the Penguins will stay off the ice today in Nashville but it will be for an off-ice workout. There aren’t many of those in the NHL, to put it lightly, certainly not mid-season." [DK on Sports $]

30 Thoughts are the best. Friedman zeros in on the value of young, stud defensemen. Read this and understand how and why Kris Letang got the contract he did Getting a player with that skill-set is one of the most rare and valuable commodities in the NHL.. [CBC]

The Penguins singing "O Canada" on Wednesday didn't go unnoticed, the PM Stephen Harper mentioned his thanks in a speech on Thursday.

Nick Spaling has already played everything from 4th line center to spot 2nd line wing duty, PP and PK and everything in between. [Post-Gazette]

A Pavel Datsyuk vs Evgeni Malkin debate, which is kind of like a Lamborghini vs. Ferrari or Jessica Beal vs. Jennifer Lawrence debate. No losers here. [NHL - video]

Evgeni Malkin is back to where he belonged, being switched back to center last night. Smart move too, he was starting to float a little and didn't look great Wednesday against Philly. Also, Brandon Sutter as second line center stopped producing points, so it was time for the change. [Tribune Review]

James Neal caught blindsided by summer trade. Ha, blindsided, James Neal. The jokes write themselves. [Trib]

Down on the farm, Jeff Zatkoff is "week to week" with an injury, so the WB/S Pens are left with an inexperienced tandem of Matt Murray and Eric Hartzell for now. A trade to bring in a veteran hasn't been ruled out, but since Zatkoff will be back in weeks what the team really needs is a young goalie to step up and play capably until he returns. And heck, continue it even after.  [Penguins Insider]

What motivates Patrick Kane? Besides the millions of dollars and adoring fans, I guess. [Puck Daddy]

Headshots and suspensions are down so far this year (touch wood). [The Score - Justin Bourne]

In the interest of company synergy, if basketball is your bag, the SB Nation NBA preview has you covered. [SB Nation]

If you haven't seen PK Subban's Halloween costume, seriously what are you waiting for? [Eyes on the Prize]

Connor McDavid power rankings! [SB Nation NHL]

Zdeno Chara left the Bruins/Islanders game in the first period and did not return and is said to be out for 4-6 weeks. Chara has only missed 20 games in the 8 years he's been a Bruin, which is really remarkable considering all the minutes, collisions, blocked shots and all that he's endured. The Pens play Boston in a month, 11/24, so if he hits the latter end of that timeline, Pittsburgh may see the Chara-less Bruins. [TSN]