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Game 8: Devils @ Penguins

Jaromir Jagr and the New Jersey Devils (4-2-2) come to town to face the Pittsburgh Penguins (4-2-1).

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

The suddenly high flying New Jersey Devils- once known as a low event team that didn't generate or concede many shots- come in to town tonight having scored 25 goals and allowing 25 goals in just their first 8 games.

The Pittsburgh Penguins, who have had their issues trying to fight through the tough trapping Devils teams of the past, see their power play flying and are riding high after a 3-0 win in Nashville last game out on Saturday.

This game's winner takes a step ahead in the standings, the loser won't be too bad off- it is still October- but this year every point could be a battle and divisional games are always important.

It's the Pens and Devils on Kris Letang bobblehead night in Pittsburgh. Let's go Pens!