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Zach Sill is in Exclusive Company (Not the Good Kind)

Zach Sill, through his short NHL career, has put himself in company of only a select few other players in a certain category. What is you ask? You will find out right here.

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

After last nights Penguins win over the KingsJimmy, our managing editor, and myself were discussing some things about the game like we normally do. He dropped a stat on me that was purely mind boggling and too good not to share with the world.

Amongst NHL forwards who have played 20+ games since 1967, and not logged a single point, Zach Sill is part of a short list (via Hockey Reference)

Sill Bad

This is just a stunning development. Zach Sill is almost one of a kind. One of six forwards in almost 50 years to play 20 or more games and not register a point. You almost have to TRY to make that happen. Wow.

We will be on #SillWatch from here on in, waiting to see how long he can go to further the streak, seeing that he already is the leader in the clubhouse with 29 games.

You can count on us to keep you posted and updated. Stay tuned.