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Anaheim Calling: The BOGcast

We were invited to partake in a podcast with our friends from Anaheim Calling, SB Nation's own Ducks site, so we obliged, and gave a little Pens insight to what the Ducks were preparing for in their first week of the season.

Harry How

When we were invited to be a guest on Anaheim Calling's podcast by Eric Evelhoch, I was happy to partake. They put together a nice little show and we had a good time discussing some things going on with Penguins in advance of the season starting on Thursday.

It was a lot of fun and helped provide some Penguins perspective/expectations in preparation for the Penguins opener on Thursday vs. the Ducks.

The show can be heard below, with the Penguins segment in the 10:00 to 25:00 range.

Eric put together a really good show with multiple other guests across the SB Nation platform, and the whole show is well worth a listen.