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Times Are Dark in Buffalo

Following the Penguins smackdown of the Sabres on Saturday night in Buffalo, I read one of the most defeated columns that was a scathing piece on the state of the the team.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

We can all agree that any of us with a bit of a soul felt bad on Saturday night, as Sidney Crosby continued to take it to the Buffalo Sabres. You could tell that the Penguins let up a little bit late in the game. They didn't want to embarrass them any more.

Pens FenClose
(Chart via data from War on Ice)

Late Saturday night, a column from John Vogl of the Buffalo News came out. It was pretty heavy.

Just a sampling of quotes from the piece here:

Vogl Piece

  • " It was giants against toddlers. It was a blowout, a slobberknocker, a beatdown."
  • The Sabres wore camouflage jerseys for the pregame skate, and they may as well have kept them on all night. Their defense and offense couldn’t be seen.
  • The play-by-play essentially reads like this: "Sidney Crosby pass to [insert name here], goal by [insert name here.]" Pittsburgh’s superstar tied his career high with five assists.
  • Sabres defenseman Josh Gorges probably wished the game ended after one period. He was on the ice for all six of the Penguins goals. Myers was on for five.

Again, the full piece can be read here. At this point, you have to feel bad for the Sabres. It could get worse too, even though that's hard to imagine. If they land the #3 pick in the draft and miss out on both Connor McDavid AND Jack Eichel, oh boy.