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Pens Points: Rangers Game Day

Paul Martin suddenly open to negotiating with Penguins. Brandon Sutter's offense is welcome. Jags ties Gartner for 6th-most goals all time.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Well, here we are. Pens meet the Rangers for the first time since that wretched playoff series that spelled doom for half the franchise. []

With virtually all of Penguins defensemen playing well, it's not easy to give everyone ice time and sweaters they deserve. And it's only going to get more crowded with Maatta's return in a few weeks. [Trib - Yohe]

Brandon Sutter's always responsible defense is still around, but now he's upped his offense as well. Finally we have a third line doing good things together. [PPG]

Beau Bennett's assignment to WBS has left no doubts as to whether he's a full-time NHL player. All that remains is for the oft-unlucky winger to get some uninterrupted time in Pittsburgh. I'll drink to that. [Trib - Bombulie]

Following the re-signing of Marc-Andre Fleury, UFA-to-be Paul Martin let it be known he is now open to negotiating with the Penguins. I can't imagine what has affected this transformation. [Trib - Yohe]

Jay McKee has a unique perspective on Crosby and McDavid, having played with one and coached the other. According to him, the comparisons are valid. [Trib - Yohe]

Jaromir Jagr continues his ascent to the top of the scoring mountain. With this goal he tied Mike Gartner for 6th all-time, at 708. [The Hockey News]

The Devils still lost, though, and the eventual GWG was this phenomenal tally by Bruins' d-man Seth Griffith, but I'm guessing Corey Schneider will want this one back. [YouTube]

Speaking of soft goals, are your eyes playing tricks on you? [Yahoo Sports]

We know that Fleury's playing tricks on all of us waiting for those yellow pads. [PPG]

Some food for thought: when it comes to NHL teams and analytics, the devil is mostly in the detail. [The Committed Indian]

Anyways, Rangers tonight. I'll be there. Let's go Pens!