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Calling All Creative Minds: Photoshop Expo

When an opportunity for a Photoshop Expo comes up, you have to capitalize on it. This photo of Rick Tocchet during the Penguins game in Winnipeg last week is that opportunity.

Lance Thomson

Following the Penguins-Jets game that took place in Winnipeg last week, a great image from Lance Thomson of Getty Images surfaced. It was of Penguins head and assistant coaches Mike Johnston and Rick Tocchet questioning an officials decision. The first thing I thought was, " what is Rick Tocchet doing with his hands?"

So, now, we have #TocchetHands. And we need your creative help. Give us your best effort. Photoshop Rick Tocchet into your favorite scene that fits.

You can either e-mail your submissions to me at or tweet them to me @MikeDarnay with #TocchetHands. Feel free to include your Twitter handle on the photoshop itself, as well as include it in the email you send me.

Downloads available: They already have a transparent background to make it easy for everyone.

.PNG file here

.PSD file here

My example:

I liked to think of Tocchet as being a hoagie man at Subway.

Tocchet Hoagie

Be creative. Have fun with it. Send whatever you come up with.

We'll post and share all of them next week.