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Game 17: Pittsburgh Penguins @ Montreal Canadiens

The Pittsburgh Penguins head to the great white north to face Carey Price and the Montreal Canadiens

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

All games on the schedule are created equal, and an NHL season is a lengthy one and certain matchups or locations always stand out.

Playing in Montreal, even on a non-descript weeknight in November is one such interesting moment. Not a full on excitement of a playoff game, or even a rivalry game, but certainly more special than the average weeknight in November.

The game perhaps had an extra wrinkly when the Canadiens recently traded for 40 year old former Penguin Sergei Gonchar. Throw in their 14-4-1 record and the two top teams in the East will tangle in what should certainly be an interesting matchup.

From coach Michel Therrien to superstars in PK Subban and Carey Price, there's not a lot of unknowns. Montreal is a fast, skilled hockey team that's won a ton of games so far this season, and for the Pittsburgh Penguins to get the win tonight, they're going to have to match the intensity in one of the most famous- and best- places to play in all of hockey.

Should be a great one, buckle up the baby, procure all beverages for Sam and his pup and let's go Pens!