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Pens Points: Another Curveball for Super Duper

Your daily look at the Pittsburgh Penguins and NHL news and stories.

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Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously by now we've heard all the details about Pascal Dupuis' latest and most serious health scare. Here are some thoughts by one of hockey's best writers, about how the Penguins fill that void. [USA Today]

If you haven't had a chance to see it, here is a link to the entire news conference. []

The media announcement was attended by Crosby, Malkin, Fleury, Letang and Kunitz, who were there to offer  support to their beloved teammate. [PPG]

Duper's first concern is where it should be, with his family and making sure he regains his health before thinking whether and how he can make a return to playing hockey. []

Also, Seth Rorabaugh has a great read on what Duper means the Penguins, as a teammate, on and off the ice. [Empty Netters]

Loss to the Penguins shows that the Canadiens are still not an elite team. [Globe & Mail]

Giroux made an unexpected return for the Flyers, but it’s not enough to stop a loss to the Rangers – or prevent a Ron Hextall rant. [The Hockey News]

NHL GMs are discussing expanded review for goalie interference. [Pro Hockey Talk]

Is the hockey goon really dying this time? [The Hockey News]

Ranking the NHL fan bases, from 1 to 30. That was the first thing I read in the latest print issue on fans. [The Hockey News]

A story that is hard to believe but sadly this happens every day. Blue Jackets Jack Johnson is bankrupt, but the biggest shocker is who led him there: his own parents. [Columbus Dispatch]

Jimmy Fallon looks at the pros and cons of putting a hockey team in Las Vegas. [Pro Hockey Talk]

A LOL moment from the KHL. Fans arrested for throwing hats on ice after hat trick in a game. [Sports Glory]